Fiscal Year 2010 – 2011:

Thank you to these patrons who pledged gifts by way of Birdies for Charity:

Linda Alguire, Sam and Marsha Allen, Judith Benevento, Ellen Boeye, Linda Bornhoeft, Bonnie Bridgford, Sue Broderick, Gerald Butts, Clara Caldwell, Jack & Bridget Consamus, Mary Delille, Joann Dennis, Thomas DeSmet, Allen & Judy Dieter, Carol Douglas, Emil Dupont, David Freund, Jan Garmong, Hunt & Diane Harris, Kelly Harrouff, Christa Hebbel, Josef Hofmann, Ardo Holmgrain, Larry Hosford, Joann Jay, Gary & Paula Johnson, Kevin Koski, Sheryl Kress, Patricia Kukla, Patricia Lammers, Ferne Ledin, Frances Leimkuehler, Robert Libey, Elizabeth Loveless, Nancy Luckenbill, Thomas Maehr, Elizabeth Magee, Dan & Becky Morgan, Donald Peterson, John Phillips, Ethel Quansy, Bobbie Ray, Frank Robinson, Clyde & Donna Schoeck, Mark Schwiebert, Steve & Phyllis Schwindt, Laraine Shellenberger, Kasey Shipley, Tom & Cathy Spitzfaden, Sue Staley, Leigh Svacina, Jeannette Tedell, Frank Telleen, Mike & Sarah Thoms, Richard Timmer, Ray Torri, Arthur VanHecke, Mabel Velge, Diane Von Dresky, Randall Walker, Marie T. Weishar, Dale Wellman, John & Marcia Wetzel, Mort & Marilyn Williams, Stephen Witte, Rosemary Woodward, Sam Wray, and Philip Zumaris. Our sincere thanks to Birdies for Charity for extending an 8% match on all gifts, and affording this wonderful opportunity to support non-profits in the Quad City Area.

In support of our Fall Annual Fund Drive 2010, our sincere thanks to the following for donations received to date:

Mary Joy Allaert-Feeney in memory of John Feeney, Sam & Marsha Allen, Lawrence & Kathryn Allen in memory of Sadye Stoltenberg, American Bank & Trust by Andrew Guzzo, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Baierbach, Terrill & Jan Baner, Tammy Becker, Mark & Carrie Beckwith, Dr. & Mrs. William Benevento, Linda Bornhoeft, Cynthia Bottrell, Howard & Ruth Braren, Ruth Brauch in memory of G. Pierson Brauch, Mr. & Mrs. F.M. Brinkmeyer, Harold Bryant, Kent & Becky Buckrop, Elinor Anne Budelier, Eugene & Joan Chinal, Kirk Christi, Earl H. Clark, Cleaveland Insurance Group, George & Nausika Coin, Jack & Bridget Consamus, Kent & Nancy Cornish, John & Susan Crosby, Carol Douglas, Carol Ehlers, Jerry & Marilyn Evans, Dale & Irene Grabau, Tom & Susan Hammer, Shirley Harris Trust, June Hedquist, Bill & Eda Hofmann, Ralph C. Hughes, Ami Jenkins, James & Anita Jenkins, Gary & Paula Johnson, Kale Heating, Kevin & Jane Koski, Richard & Judy Kreiter, Charles Kuykendall, Even Kvelland, Inez Jane Laedeke, Marion Lardner, Peter & Chris Lardner, Sandra Larson, David G. Lawson, Jim & Mary LeCleir, Ferne Ledin, Frances Leimkuehler, Fred & Nancy Luckenbill, Pat McCormack, Ray & Jill Mclaughlin, Susan McPeters, Louise S. Maloney, Barbara Marsden, Dorothy R. Martin, Barbara Marx, Harlan & Bernice Meier, Millennium Waste, Inc., Louis & Mary Means, Gary & Helen Miner, Norm & Janet Moline, Rebecca Morgan, Don & Jan Morrison, Frances Morrissey, Robert & Marilyn Noe, George & Pat Olson, June Piff, Glen & Teresa Perkins, Jerry & Jean Phelps, Marshall Porter, Psychological Services, Inc., Daryl & Mary Reitz, Frank & Joan Robinson, Shirley M. Rote, Rouse Consulting Group, Jim & Sally Rylander, Paul & Carol Schnyder, Clyde & Donna Schoeck, Mark & Debbie Schwiebert, Robert & Barbara Scott, Dave Searl, Rollo & Connie Searl, Nancy Servine, Ruth Smithers, Snyder, Park, & Nelson, P.C., James & Donna Standaert, Henry & Donna Strieder, Harriet Thomas, Stephen & Colleen Tollenaer, Bob & Dorothy Towler, Carol Ann Watkins, Carol Wagner, Marvin & Carol Webb in memory of Karen Webb, Lanora Welzenbach, Ann Whan, Charles & Evie White, Mort & Marilyn Williams, Suzanne Williamson, Chuz & Kathy Wilson, Stephen Witte, Peg Womack, and Samuel & Hilde Wray.

Grants and Gifts:

Doris & Victor Day Foundation for debt reduction, Allen & Judy Dieter for the children’s garden development, David & Connie Freund for Debt Reduction, Illinois Museum Grant for the children’s garden development, and the Moline Community Foundation for the garden train railroad landscaping project.

Memorials and Tributes:

In memory of Joseph Murphy by Tom and Ellie Klingbiel, In memory of Michael Palios by Sue and Paul McDevitt, In memory of Josephine Soliz by Dave Searl, and In memory of Nancy Openheimer by Mary & Tom Litton.


Mark & Carrie Beckwith, Heritage Wesleyan Church—Community Volunteer Day, Ami Jenkins, Gary & Rhonda Koeller, River Bandits, Bob Towler, John VanDeWalle, Joe Weston, Steven Witte, and WHBF Channel 4. We are also thankful for and grateful to all of our hard working volunteers and community partners, the many other valuable cultural and human service non-profits doing good work in the Quad Cities, and every individual, corporation, foundation, and small business that supports them in their efforts. The Quad Cities is truly a great place to live, work and raise a family!

Capital Campaign


Corporate Sponsors

Other Contributions

We'd like to thank Foster Family Music Center for generously allowing us to use their Clavinova piano.

Point of Pride Capital Campaign - Founders

"Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul." ~ Henry Ward Beecher